Welcome to Lake Hiawatha  

Spring greetings to all!

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch. Hope everyone is well and unscathed by the corona virus.

We were not able to deliver bills this year for several reasons: the wild and windy weather, the contact risk (although the CDC has updated its position on the risk factor from surfaces), and uncertainty as to whether the Lake would be treated or not.

Good news on all fronts!

The weather seems to finally be improving, along with the CDC update, businesses seem to be opening up, and, the Lake will be treated as usual!

I have participated in several conference calls with Solitude and other area lake managers. It seems that the necessary DEP permitting is obtainable in a reasonable timeframe and our Lake will be treated sometime in June, which is our typical time. I am very grateful for this, as we saw how quickly the weeds took over last year when permitting was delayed.

However, the treatment still comes with a cost! Since we were unable to deliver bills, it is hoped that residents will just send dues in as usual, either to my address (337 Lakeshore Drive), or deliver to the LHA mailbox at 51 Lakeshore Drive (Mark Pouliot’s beautiful new house!). The annual dues are still $75 per year. We would like to at least meet our costs for de-weeding and other maintenance, which will come to somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,500. That equals 100 memberships. However, if you cannot afford dues this year due to lost wages, etc. please let us know. We still need to keep a membership list. No one but the Executive Board will be privy to that information, so you needn’t worry about that.

Lake/Beach usage: Lake and LHA properties are private, however, will would still like members to adhere to local and state guidelines regarding social distancing and personal protective equipment. Being outdoors also gives us some leeway, but we want everyone to remain healthy while enjoying the recreation that the Lake has to offer. I will update you on changes in guidelines as they occur. 

LHA Meeting: we are hoping to hold our first LHA meeting in June. Details to follow.

Town News: The Town of Blackstone will be holding a Special and Annual Town Meeting outdoors on May 26th . Please check the Town’s website for details. The Town of Bellingham will be holding is annual Town Election on June 9th; polls will be open from NOON until 8PM. Annual Town Meeting will be held on June 22nd . Consult the Town’s website for more information on these events, and to explore alternatives to voting in person.

Thank you all for your patience as we muddle through the start of summer here at the Lake. And, a huge thank you to those who have already sent in their dues. Much appreciated!

Please remember to send in your dues checks in if you haven’t already.

Wishing you a reflective and safe Memorial Day,
Lake Hiawatha .......
is a small PRIVATE lake (approximately 70 acres)  that is partly in Bellingham and partly in Blackstone, MA.
This quiet, serene lake is privately owned. The residents here enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons that only lake living can deliver.

Access to fishing, boating, swimming, skating, and more are available. 
(There are no gas powered motors of any kind on this lake, making it one of the cleanest  and environmentally friendly lakes in the state.)
 Also, fishing is on a catch and release basis so that our fish population remains healthy does not dwindle.

This lake is home to many beautiful wildlife including swans, ducks, blue herrings and more. In fact, our resident swans have been with us for more than 10 years! 

The Lake Hiawatha Association is run by volunteers who help to make the lake safe and enjoyable for all residents. Membership is $75.00 per year. This fee helps support the annual de-weeding of the lake as well as other beautification and environmental friendly projects throughout the year. We encourage all residents to join.

We meet monthly during the months of April through October. All are welcome to attend.

Lake Hiawatha is truly a hidden gem in the Bellingham - Blackstone Area.

Just a sampling of the beautiful sights on our lake.

Thanks for Visiting

  Last Update: May 2019